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Meet the team

Carol Kou

Carol Kou has been in the interior design field 
for 12 years. Her design principals is clean and functional. She also really enjoys including color into her design to make it more fun and interesting to the eye. She has staged homes for 7 years, has experience in full and partial stages. She has a lot of experience in partial stages while using homeowner's accessories and furniture and making it mesh well with Pragmatic Staging and Solutions'' accessories and furniture. 
Carol is very passionate about staging to ensure home buyers that they can envision themselves in the space and live in their dream home.

Erika Sitthiso

Erika Sitthiso is an interior designer who graduated from Marymount University.

She has always had a passion for space planning, as a child she would always draft and space plan the furniture in her bedroom to make it a better functional. Now, as a designer that has reflected the way she designs. Working for Pragmatic Staging and Solutions, it has allowed her to assist and learn from Carol Kou with the placement of furniture and décor to show buyers their potential dream home.


Our Services

  • Staging to Sell

Our staging service allows us to help you sell your property or home. Let us stage while you relax. Contact us now for a consultation!

  • Design + Build

We offer services of being able to design your dream home and build it into a reality 

  • Drafting Services

Our building and design service allows us to help design your home or property. We can offer design, space planning, and drafting services.

Our Gallery

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We have had the privilege of designing and staging the metropolitan area.

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