Staging to Sell

How it works


Request a staging proposal and tell us about your property, either virtually over the phone / email, or in person.



Based on your budget, schedule and style needs, we will design a staging package for you.  During the planning phase we will select the furniture and accessories that will make your property shine!



This is where the vision becomes reality!  Our team of movers and stagers bring all of the inventory to your property to stage your occupied or vacant home.


A staged home has an edge over competing properties. Sellers who do not use staging as a marketing tool statistically end up with their homes on the market for longer and sell their homes for lower prices.

Vacant Homes

Selling a home quickly is especially important with vacant homes because of the high holding costs such as mortgage, insurance (often higher for vacant homes than occupied homes), taxes, utilities, etc.  These costs are often more than the cost of staging.

Occupied Homes

If you plan to live in your home while it is on the market, our Occupied Home Staging Service can leverage your existing furnishings, combined with our own inventory of furniture and accessories, to give your property an updated an uncluttered look. 

Get started today by requesting a staging proposal!

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